Cradlepoint is a Boise, Idaho, company with a mission of enabling customers to Connect Beyond the limits of wired networks. We unlock the transformative power of today’s LTE and 5G cellular networks to provide an agile, reliable, and pervasive Wireless WAN edge.

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Cradlepoint NetCloud is at the heart of everything we do — a cloud-based subscription service that combines cloud management, software-defined networking, and unified edge security with industry-leading LTE and 5G cellular networking technology to power a portfolio of purpose-built wireless edge routers and adapters.

Your Wireless WAN future starts here

Cradlepoint wireless edge solutions unlock the power of LTE and 5G cellular networks to give your WAN the boundless reach, nonstop reliability, and real-time agility it needs to keep up with your business. Connect fixed and temporary sites, vehicles, field forces, and IoT devices, anywhere. Simply. Securely. Wirelessly.

Connect People, Places, and Things

Powered by award-winning project® ConnectKey® Technology, the new devices bring together next-generation features, easy and secure cloud and mobile connectivity plus productivity-boosting apps to define its revolutionary place in the modern work space.

Deliver Nonstop WAN Availability

When you’re open for business, there’s no time to stop. Our wireless-optimized software-defined networking and dual modems enable nonstop reliability across one or more cellular networks.
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Gain Security, Lose Extra Boxes

NetCloud brings together best-of-breed network security to protect you from threats and keep you compliant — without the threat of extra boxes, complexity, and cost.

Manage More with Less

NetCloud Manager provides simple yet sophisticated cloud management that gives you complete visibility and control of your network with fewer resources and less downtime and cost.

Get Started on Your Pathway to 5G

With the industry’s first “5G for Business” adapter and 5G ready and optimized routers, you can deploy LTE today knowing we’ve got your path to 5G covered.

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