Cradlepoint has Wireless WAN router and adapter solutions for fixed and temporary locations – stores, offices, and beyond.

These solutions yield the agility and uptime your locations need without the wires. Stay connected by curtailing costly network downtime with branch solutions that support LTE as the primary or secondary connection – or both.

Cradlepoint Security

Protect Critical Information

Protect your business with all-in-one solutions that have integrated security including app-based control, firewall, threat detection, content filtering, and access to cloud-based security.
Cradlepoint Centrally Managed

Centrally Managed

Get your branches connected without truck rolls or on-site IT professionals. Centrally define global policies and monitor the network and applications.

Connect with Enterprise-class Cellular

Leverage solutions with advanced modem modules, proprietary software, and support for a wide variety of carriers to unlock the power of Gigabit-Class LTE and 5G.

Optimize LTE and SD-WAN

Cradlepoint SD-WAN is built for a wireless, cloud-first world with a focus on nondisruptive insertion and massive scale.
Cradlepoint POS

Using LTE, 5G, and SD-WAN Technologies in one Solution

All-in-one SD-WAN routers provide the flexible network infrastructure needed to keep fixed and temporary locations connected 24×7 – including built-in LTE and 5G, multi-WAN functionality, easy VPN setup, Wi-Fi, routing, and a firewall.

Open Locations on Schedule with Day-1 WAN Connectivity

Cellular-enabled primary routers with zero-touch deployment features allows you to rapidly roll out LTE and 5G for essential connectivity without having to wait for a wired link. Later, repurpose the same router to load balance between wired and wireless links.

Cradlepoint Retail
Cradlepoint Failover

Flavors of Failover

Do network outages have you down? Check out these strategies for WAN failover using LTE and 5G in stores, offices, and other sites.
  • Link Diversity
  • Dual-Carrier Failover
  • Hardware Redundancy with VRRP
  • Headend Redundancy with DMVPN Tunnels
  • Protection Against Network Spikes
  • Out-of-Band Management

Cradlepoint Modems & Gateways

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